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{closed Sundays}
Lunch 12:00 - 15:00
Dinner 19:00 - 23:30
closed Sundays
Av. Elias Garcia 172A, 1050-103 Lisbon
[Close to Gulbenkian Museum]
GPS. 38º44'18.99"N | 9º09'05.23"O

Vision, texture, aroma and natural flavor, the restaurant "Casa Nepalese" offers an extraordinarily wide range of senses which will develop when tasting our varied recipes made through rigorous and meticulously genuine techniques, providing you with a taste and smell that represents the real essence of our culinary secret.

We believe in the extreme quality of our products, bringing to your plate, unique sensations based on the best of what nature offers. Deliciously tempting, you will increasingly want to develop and refine your senses.

A cozy and rustic room with an intimate atmosphere. The oriental dishes are based on chicken, vegetables, prawns, lamb and of course ancestral spices ground in situ. We highlight specialties like stewed goat with spicey sauce and lamb with traditional curry sauce.

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Will return without a doubt!

The restaurant
The atmosphere and decor are fantastic, starting with the impressive wooden door which contrasts with the stone walls. The decor does not lead me to a traditional Nepalese environment, but still very nice.

The food
Fantastic!!! Very very good. Starting with plain nan, to nan with cheese and finishing with the main dishes. As it was a Zomato invitation, we were served a tasting menu, therefore the choice of dishes was made by the chef, what a good selection it was.

The conclusion
Will return without a doubt! I think the price is a little higher than usually practiced by restaurants that serve this kind of food, but the quality makes up for it.


This is, I venture to say, the best restaurant "not Portuguese" Lisbon. Everything is sublime. From the incredible dishes (of which I recommend the Jhinge Machha Masala and Bakhra Ko Maasu, Chyau Ra Kurilo); especially the way the lamb and prawns are cooked; the Nepali Rum divine and a Panna Cotta dessert as a finishing.

But what makes this restaurant is not just a restaurant with very good taste, it's the friendliness of all the employees. They all speak Portuguese, and strive to make you not only feel like your in Nepal, but as if you were at home. It is, without doubt, the best restaurant service I found in Lisbon.

What a
perfect find!

We love Indian/Nepalese food and were delighted to stumble upon this place on yelp as a nice "diversion" from all the tapas and Portuguese food we'd been eating for the last week. And wow, was it good!! A gorgeous interior is at once welcoming and comfortable. Service was terrific and attentive.

And the food? Amazing! The garlic roti was warm and soft, as it should be. I was talked out of ordering my first choice, the chicken with chili, because the waiter said it was incredibly hot. After dismissing the initial warning about the one chili dip served initially only to be brought to tears when I went ahead with a big bite, I thought discretion was the better choice. And the recommended substitute with the tomatoes and green peppers was fabulous. A lot of heat but still a ton of flavor.

The wine was excellent, and the surprise at the end was a complimentary glass of ruby port to serve as dessert. This place is awesome! Highly recommend!!

On weekends reservations are only possible by telephone.
Tel. 217 979 797
Tlm. 914 455 664
Reservas através do email:

Same day online reservations are only possible until 6pm, there after only by phone.
We will confirm your reservation in a few moments. We ask for your punctuality, after 15 minutes after your requested time, your reservation is automatically canceled.
Please note, your online booking is only valid after receiving our confirmation email.

Thank You.


 Av. Elias Garcia 172A
 1050-103 | Lisbon
 [Close to Gulbenkian Museum]
 GPS: 38º44'18.99"N | 9º09'05.23"O

 217 979 797 // 914 455 664


Opening hours

Lunch 12:00 - 15:00
Dinner (Sun-Thu) 19:00 - 23:00
Dinner (Fri-Sat) 19:00 - 23:30
{closed Sundays}